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RingCentral has a new call controller which promises to be a great improvement. In addition to the normal features such as monitoring your RingCentral telephone line or virtual PBX, the new call controller lets you dial out. RingCentral is becoming a full VoIP service. The new call controller also gives you one-click access to your message folder and recent calls. You can dial out using your address book, create and send a fax, or open your online account. If you are assigned an extension in your company’s virtual PBX the software will open that extension online.

The new look and feel of RingCentral’s software is intuitive. Some SIP or VoIP softphone features will be evident. We use a RingCentral PBX with five extensions and recommend the product to anyone that wants to streamline their business communications. We use the first four extensions for business and the fifth extension is used for testing Jaxtr. Our Jaxtr number rings to our RingCentral telephone number, and our PBX answers the phone. Try it today to test Jaxtr and RingCentral together.

SMB’s can make a small company sound like a fortune 500 company when they use RingCentral, and they also offer a free trial. Links to both companies fourd are below.

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